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A great big HELLO to everyone! If you’ve noticed my absence the last 6 months, I’m so sorry. One thing led to another, then another, then the holidays and – enough of excuses. And as un-blogger like as this sounds, I can’t promise it won’t happen again. After completely losing my WordPress due to updating failures (hence the maintenance page that’s been up for sometime), I’ve been working and reworking on bringing my blog back to life.

+ New layout
+ New posts
+ New pins
+ New newsletter
+ New store

Trying to get you amazing readers back ♥! Before we get into what’s new I would love to catch you up on what’s been going on in my life. When I started this blog, I made a promise that I wouldn’t share too much of myself. Weird, I know, since that’s one of the main characteristics of a blogger. I wanted to share pictures, tips, few face pictures of my kids. I wanted to keep it private. I still do to some extent, for example, don’t want anyone I know finding my blog. (Dad stop reading this!) But starting with this post I will be opening up more!

What I’ve Been Up To

+ Celebrated my 27th birthday in November! See pictures below? This is me. Not as crazy as the old, before-I-had-kids me. Not even close. But I was able to throw a fun party with my friends! FYI I was very much into the hyphy movement in my younger days and I seem to be stuck in those times when I go out. My party was complete with old Bay Area music, Eazy-E & Mac Dre, my 2 favs, and helluva lot of 40oz (Olde English to be exact) but I’ll spare you those pictures of #KatsHyphy27th. Basically just a glimpse of me when I’m not in mommy mode.

+ Holidays are a big deal. Christmas, Thanksgiving. Basically from the end of November to the 2nd week of the new year is filled with family parties and family coming in and out. So much is going on. I found it hard to get back in the groove of blogging which I’m sure is something most bloggers face at one point or another. Actually, I couldn’t get back to anything computer related. And to get “back in the groove” of things took some time.

+ My daughter turned 5 which is crazy! I miss having little babies but I’m also relieved they can be more independent now. I have time to myself to work. Anyway, she had a “Moana” themed party! Her absolute favorite movie. One of my side jobs include party planner. And there were lots of birthdays going on the last 6 months. Family and friends. I’m also the photographer at these parties. And I have to stop doing things for free, note to self.

+ Have I been traveling? Nope. No. Sadly haven’t had the opportunity. I’ve been keeping it super local lately. Will I be traveling in the near future? If I do, it will be a surprise to you and I both. I currently have no plans to travel outside of California this year – yet. Until opportunity knocks, I’ll mostly be posting about fun things to do within the Bay Area radius. But that’s where my sister comes in. She’s traveling a lot and agreed to submit some content for my blog so look out for that from time to time. And that’s when we start transitioning into the what’s new part of this post.

What’s New

So first off, how are you liking the new layout? I spent the better part of my “comeback” crafting this new theme from the ground up. Creating WordPress themes are certainly interesting. There’s a huge learning curve and I can use all the practice. I’m thinking of offering free or cheap themes you can use on your WordPress blog in the future.

I’m looking for ways to make the blog seem more cohesive and tie everything together going forward. When it comes to posts, other social media accounts, just the blog process overall. I’m still learning and changing things up every now and then which I find important. Because I lost everything due to the update failure, I had to (and still in the midst of) re-posting old blog posts. I didn’t officially back everything up and so I’m doing it manually.

Figured I would go ahead and offer an exclusive newsletter. So please sign up if you’re looking forward to getting maybe one email a month or a notification when I post something new! It’s still in its beginning stages but I’m looking to include some freebies, printables and other exclusive content. Not sold on signing up just yet? No worries but do look out for some fun stuff in the future 🙂

Want exclusive content right to your mailbox? Sign up now for Katrina La Vie’s monthly newsletters.

Katrina La Vie | http://katrinalavie.com | Wanderlust In The Afternoon

And finally, welcome to the grand opening of my logo shop! I don’t only want to share my photography and travel tips, I want to help you out as well ♥. This is just the beginning! As of now I’m offering three premade logo’s and the option to purchase a completely customized blog logo. I want to specialize in travel and lifestyle blogs but blogs of all types are welcome. I will be adding more as time goes and will be following up with a more in-depth post of what my shop is offering! As mentioned above, I will also incorporate downloadable blog themes in the future.

Katrina La Vie | http://katrinalavie.com | Wanderlust In The Afternoon

Well, I think that just about wraps it all up 🙂 I appreciate those who have stuck with me before my blogging hiatus and those that have just found this blog! Here’s to getting back into the full swing of blogging. And the new adventures in travel, mommy hood, graphic design, web design, and photography, and to continuing our own self-improvement journey’s ♥!

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  1. Katrina,

    I missed you- welcome back! So glad to have an update on your life and to see the changes you’ve made on your site! Everything looks amazing! If you’re still interested in offering free/cheap layouts, I DEFINITELY am in need of having a new layout theme for my blog. Let me know if you have time to collab together on my site! 🙂 Anyway, I can’t wait to continue following along your lovely journey!


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