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Traveling With Kids

I believe that now, more than ever, it’s important to travel with our kids no matter what their age.

There’s a lot of reasons why we don’t. They’re too young or I don’t have the money. I want to help walk you through and around these problems. I’ve been there before! Two kids, under 2 years old, and all I wanted was to travel. I’m lucky enough, that despite my lack of travel funds, I’ve managed to take them on a few trips with my oldest as young as one and 5 months pregnant.

Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures. Lewis Carroll

+ They’re too young, they won’t remember it anyway. Can’t argue this one. I took my kids to the Philippines when they were 2 and 4 and barely have any memories of the place. Think of it more as an experience for you! It’s a wonder to view the world through the eyes of your child and watch them explore. Traveling solo is one thing, but traveling with kids is – wow. You learn to travel at a slower pace and notice the smallest details. Bonus: You’re kids will have some awesome #TBT pictures when they’re older (if that’s still a thing).

+ Have you seen these diaper/formula prices? I can’t afford it. Oh hun, I’ve been there, I know believe me. The babies needs comes first! Just because you can’t travel to far-flung destinations doesn’t mean you have to put travel in the back burner entirely. Research local attractions, or for the older kids, just trying an exotic cuisine is adventurous enough. It’s also all about priorities. New iPhone or priceless trip with your child? Hmm…I have more ideas on how I’m able to travel around as a single parent.

+ I’m scared/But what about their routine/They have school so.. First, take a deep breath. If you found this page I’m assuming you WANT to travel with your kids and you’re ready for a new adventure! Traveling with kids isn’t for everyone, because not everyone wants to. And if you want to travel then those tiny concerns should not stop you. Kids can easily adapt to any situation, especially at a young age. Yes, you may have to throw out that routine (even just temporarily) and toss out other comforts such as sleeping in a crib and eating only from a high chair. Because on a trip, it’s better to go with the flow when it comes to children. As for school? Pshhh…..what’s one or two weeks filled with adventures compared to the next 10-something years of schooling they’ll need to do. Point is, they will survive and so will you.

+ I’m absolutely nervous at the thought of taking my kids on an airplane. It’s very understandable to not want to go through the stress having a crying baby on board for a 5+ hour flight. But you will never know till you get on that plane. Come prepared with activities and snacks. Even an iPad or your phone on airplane mode. To calm down my 1 year old on her first long haul trip, I would breastfeed her at take off and when landing. I’ve been lucky in all my experiences flying with my kids. But I can

Mastering the art of traveling with kids

1. Travel Slow. You will stress out yourself as well as your kids if you try to see and do everything in 3 hours time.
2. Travel Prepared.
3. Skip museums and art galleries.

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