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3 Days In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico wasn’t at the top of my travel list but I’m so so happy that, given the circumstances, it ended up being my next destination.” Read the first guest post from my sister on her recent weekend getaway to Puerto Rico!

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A Day In Fairyland: Video & Photo Diary | Katrina La Vie |

A Day At Fairyland: Video & Photo Diary

My little chicas and I went to Fairyland earlier this week. We’ve been lucky with the wonderful weather in the Bay Area for my daughters spring break. Check out our fun video around Fairyland! Or read on and scroll through the pictures we took that beautiful day.

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Favorite Things To Do In San Diego With Kids | Katrina La Vie |

Favorite Things To Do With Kids In San Diego

San Diego has become our absolute favorite place to road trip too! I can’t stress enough how perfect this city is for small children. Here’s a list of our top things to do when vacationing in San Diego. But really, all you need is a perfect spot on a beach and you’re set 😉

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How I'm Able To Travel As A Single Parent W/ 2 Kids| Read For Tips So You Can Too!Katrina La Vie | | Wanderlust In The Afternoon

How I’m Able To Travel As A Single Mom

Once upon a time, I was devastated and resigned to the fact I couldn’t travel to all the dreamy places I’ve wanted to. At least not now. Becoming a mom, I didn’t see how it was possible to go off exploring. I’m here to tell you that the dream is possible!

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48 Hours in Hong Kong | 48 things to do, travel tips, and thoughts on a 48 hour layover in Hong Kong |

48 Hours In Hong Kong

“You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather.” Song lyrics that describe my two wet days in Hong Kong. But wow! Even in rainy weather I was taken back by the cities vibe. #1 Tip: Don’t go during typhoon season if you can help it!

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10 Free Things You Can Do In San Francisco | SF Guide |

10 Free Things You Can Do In San Francisco

San Francisco is crazy expensive. Especially true these days. But, like every major city, if you look hard enough you can find some fun, educational, and relaxing FREE things to do!

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