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3 Days In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico wasn’t at the top of my travel list but I’m so so happy that, given the circumstances, it ended up being my next destination.” Read the first guest post from my sister on her recent weekend getaway to Puerto Rico!

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What to do on a short, 3 day vacation in Kauai, Hawaii |

3 Days In Kauai

There’s so much you can do on Kauai! From zip-lining, ATV tours, helicopter tours, beaches and hiking, how in the world can you fit it all into 3 days? We had to find a balance between these exciting, adventurous activities and family time with our small kids. Read more for our 3 day itinerary.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Las Casas With Kids | Katrina La Vie - Mommy Travel Blogger |

10 Things To Do With Kids In Las Casas

Sure Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is fun for adults, more so those history loving adults. But what about the kids? There are more activities than just touring the heritage houses. Here are the top 10 things to do in Las Casas that kids will enjoy.

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3 Day San Diego Getaway | Palm trees + Beach + Mission Bay = Family Fun | Read more at

3 Days In San Diego

Palm trees, beaches, Mission Bay, speed boating, La Jolla, boogie boarding = the most perfect San Diego getaway. Crazy how much you can fit in a long weekend in San Diego. Check out our family trip report and get ideas for a slow paced itinerary!

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Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa, Philippines | Katrina La Vie |

Stay The Night: Kahuna Beach Resort

What’s it like to stay the night at this La Union’s beach front resort? Expect amazing sunsets, surf lessons and cute rooms to lay your head.

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Kauai With Kids |

Kauai With Kids

Oh Kauai, how we miss you! ‘Till this day (and beyond) the kids remind me at least once every other week how much we need to go back. As I was planning out our short trip, I noticed how little there is to do for toddlers. Read on for tips on enjoying Kauai with the kids!

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