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There is no better way to see Kauai than from the sky! Helicopter tours are offered at all different price ranges from different companies. I knew the moment I started planning I wanted to go on my first helicopter ride since I love flying! Heights aren’t so bad when strapped in to your seat.

These helicopter rides can be a bit risky. With plenty horror stories to scare you from ever stepping onto a helicopter – it really is up to you. The locals will most likely think you’re lolo (crazy) but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Kauai is the best place to take that chance. The landscape is beautiful. A lot of these places you can’t even see anywhere else but the seat of a helicopter. About 70% of the island inaccessible by foot.

Me, I’m a risk taker. At times. When it comes to adventures. But I won’t involve my kids in these risks. Their lives are so precious and I tend to be over protective. When they do get older though, then sure – lets all get on this helicopter together.

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We woke up super early the morning of our scheduled tour. I was able to leave the kids, who were still asleep, with my other sisters and was juiced for this adventure with my younger sister, brother and parents. They booked the helicopter tour with Island Helicopters. The five of us plus one solo traveler from Bosnia fit into that helicopter you see in the picture above. We were seated based on weight and I was lucky enough to get a front row view next to the pilot.

The company offers two different tours. The Jurassic Falls tour and Grand Circle Tour. Island Helicopters Kauai is the only tour company that lands near the waterfall featured in that one iconic scene of “Jurassic Park” when they are first introduced to the island. I LOVE this movie by the way – since I was little! Oh man, if I could explain properly the chills I got as we flew closer and closer to those falls and they were playing the “Jurassic Park” theme song (cue in the feels). Amazing

With the tour you fly over Waimea Canyon which was great since we were short on time and couldn’t make the drive there. It was way more beautiful than I expected. Often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, I can see the similarities – picture wise of course as I have never visiting the Grand Canyon either. The colors and way the shadows danced around made for some pretty pictures.

Then we got to the coast line admiring the NaPali Coast from above! This could also be experienced by boat or by hiking. But it’s not the same as seeing it from the sky. Everywhere we turned was a postcard perfect, straight out of a magazine picture. We were flying over the beautiful ocean in different shades of blue. Sky was perfect. Such a wonderful experience.

And then I threw up. A little. My motion sickness became 10x’s worse after I had my first child. I get car sick, and just in general I get dizzy and nauseous at times. I didn’t expect it at all on the helicopter though. So here I was trying to control myself. Applying pressure to some part of my wrist, in my head thinking ‘Didn’t I read somewhere pressing on your wrist works’? The pilot noticed and turned the A.C. on to face me. Anyway, grabbed a brown paper bag, gagged and threw up just a tiny bit and apologized to my seat mate. Felt a whole lot better after that.

We flew into the Mt. Waialeale Crater which the pilot told us can be rare since weather conditions aren’t suitable for him to fly into most of the time. It was such a bright and beautiful day! The tour lasts about an hour long. Helicopter tours, though dangerous, really show you a different side to Kauai. Something I’m glad to have experienced even once.

Looking for something to do in Kauai that’s more toddler friendly? Check out my post on how to enjoy the island with kids!

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