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The Wanderlist: Teotihuac√°n | How to get there, where to go and what to see. Read more... |

The Wanderlist: Teotihuac√°n

Only an hour away from the city are the pyramids of Teotihuac√°n. These are the tallest pyramids of Mesoamerica and the Pyramid of the Sun is half the size of the Great Pyramid. The best part of my visit – there were close to no tourists around!

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Should You Visit Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City? Read on! |

12 Reasons To Visit Chapultepec Castle

Mexico City completely took me by surprise. What other city in North America has pyramids, a castle, and the best tacos al pastor? Yes, all this in Mexico City. Read for 12 reasons to visit the Chapultepec Castle.

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Walking Tour of Mexico City's Historic Center | Centro Historico Self Guided Tour | Free Printable Included!

Centro Histórico Walking Tour

You can easily, without a doubt, save money and take yourself on a self-guided walking tour around Mexico City’s historical center. And I’m here to help! Don’t forget the free print + cut guide ♥

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Las Alcobas | Polanco | D.F. Mexico City |

Stay The Night: Las Alcobas

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico City and in search of a hotel to book, consider Las Alcobas! This boutique hotel is located in the affluent Polanco district. What a wonderful and secure place to rest your head after a day of walking.

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What to do if you only have 48 hours in Mexico City | Read post now on

48 Hours in Mexico City

Never in my life did I think I would find myself booking a trip to the sprawling metropolis of Mexico City. But I also never did pass up on an opportunity to travel. Now, I can’t wait to go back one day because my jam packed 48 hours just wasn’t enough.

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