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Artifact Uprising Photo Book Flat Lay | Katrina La Vie |

My Favorite Way To Keep Travel Memories

I received my little photo book displaying my favorite moments of my Mexico City trip and decided I would create one for every trip from then on! I remember seeing an Ad through my VSCOcam app as I was editing pictures after my Mexico City trip advertising photo books and prints. I was excited to…..

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How I Edit My Travel Photos On VSCO Cam | Katrina La Vie |

How I Edit My Travel Photos On VSCO

VSCOCam is my favorite photo editing app! And though I thought I would get tired of overusing it, I’m still in love with the filters four years later. There are so many ways to edit a photo that it’s hard to achieve that aesthetic consistency we all aim for on Instagram.

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How I'm Able To Travel As A Single Parent W/ 2 Kids| Read For Tips So You Can Too!Katrina La Vie | | Wanderlust In The Afternoon

How I’m Able To Travel As A Single Mom

Once upon a time, I was devastated and resigned to the fact I couldn’t travel to all the dreamy places I’ve wanted to. At least not now. Becoming a mom, I didn’t see how it was possible to go off exploring. I’m here to tell you that the dream is possible!

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Katrina La Vie | | Wanderlust In The Afternoon

What’s New + Shop

Hello! Allow me to reintroduce myself 🙂 my names Katrina and I’m officially back from my long, somewhat unproductive blog hiatus. If you’re new then welcome to Katrina La Vie! And if we’ve met here before, I’ve missed you!

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