My Favorite Way To Keep Travel Memories

I received my little photo book displaying my favorite moments of my Mexico City trip and decided I would create one for every trip from then on!

I remember seeing an Ad through my VSCOcam app as I was editing pictures after my Mexico City trip advertising photo books and prints. I was excited to give this new “feature” a try and was directed to download the Artifact Uprising app and continue from there. At the time the only option (through the app) that I noticed were the Instagram-friendly 8×8 photo books and how beautifully they print VSCOcam edited pictures. It was a simple process through the phone app. Upload the pictures, choose the “layout” in which you wanted to display them in, add a front page, organize and order.

Artifact Uprising Photo Book Flat Lay | Katrina La Vie |

I don’t use the app though, only for that first order which was presented at a special price at the time. Now I just go onto the Artifact Uprising website to create my books. There’s a ton more options and you’re not limited to photos on your phone.

Artifact Uprising Review | Katrina La Vie |

First step would be to choose what kind of soft cover book you would like, with various sizes to choose from. Also, it’s no long $18 starting price, but $15 now. Next would be to choose the layout of the cover.

It’s pretty simple! Add your pictures, as well as text if you want. Then order, pay and you’re good to go!

Artifact Uprising Review | Katrina La Vie |

It’s exciting to receive the book in the mail and show it to friends and family. Seriously, my favorite travel keepsake. The package is wrapped up nicely, in a clear plastic sleeve, and also comes with this memo:

And they stand by their word! The customer service is quick and reliable. My second order I made the mistake of ordering my book without finishing all the pages. I had misinterpreted and was thinking it was the same as the first Instagram book I had ordered. Anyway…I emailed them right away I had made a mistake (and ended up with like 20 something blank pages). I was given the book at 50% off and credited with the remaining balance.

I stay on the lookout in my inbox for deals and discounts which they have frequently. A couple months ago they had a special for a FREE 8×8 soft cover book that I took advantage of. Only had to pay shipping. Thing is I actually lost it somewhere in my house sadly 🙁 .

Artifact Uprising Photo Book Flat Lay | Katrina La Vie |

Artifact Uprising Photo Book Flat Lay | Katrina La Vie |

Artifact Uprising Photo Book Flat Lay | Katrina La Vie |

They are a bit pricey however. Compared to Shutterfly and the deals often given out there. But I prefer the quality of Artifact Uprising. They have a lot of other great products I have yet to check out, from prints, hard cover books (I want one but it’s too much for me right now!) to other special giftable items. They always seem to be adding more options too. But I LOVE the photo books! I realized, with time, photo prints seem hidden away in some random drawer, or “memories” box, and I never take them out. I’ve wanted to buy a photo album the way I used to keep photo’s but I never get around to it. With these photo books, your memories can always be out on display! The softcover books don’t take up space and I usually keep it around my desk for inspiration. They are fun to share!

What about you? What’s your favorite way to keep travel memories? Leave a comment below or simply like this post ♥

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