About Katrina

Mother of 2. Web designer & developer. Based in California.

Hi, my name is Katrina, a web-designer and young mother who loves to travel. There was a time I really felt my dreams of traveling the world was crushed. Barely made enough money to get through the week, single mother of two beautiful babies, and my world falling apart. How would I be able to visit the places I saw when my eyes were closed? But when you really want something, you make a way and find opportunities. That’s what I am here for. I have yet to come across family blog that focuses on single mothers and how to make travel happen. I’m sure you’re out there and I would love to connect with you all (shamelessly plug yourself below or say hello here). I want to inspire those, with kids or not, to travel no matter what your circumstances are! If you are out there, reading this, traveling the globe with your kids in tow I applaud you! It’s not easy, and even harder when your kids outnumber you. And if your dream is to introduce the world of travel to your kids, I want to help make those dreams come true!

Currently I am a resident of the Bay Area in Northern California (which is really 30 minutes away from San Francisco). I don’t know if I was born with the travel bug or if it stemmed from my parents love of travel. As a little Filipino-American girl my two favorite things were hotels and airports. Now, at 27 years old, my obsession with travel is still deeply embedded in me. I had children at the young age of 20 and felt those dreams slip my grasp. I was going through an incredibly tough time and travel (even just the thought of it) was the only thing keeping me sane. It took me some time but I eventually found a way to make those dreams come true. I know now that travel is not some far away dream of a perfect future and I can and I will travel now. I plan on sharing my story and tips on how you can travel too – with or without kids. That those, who might be in similar situations like mine, don’t have to give up on exploring the world. That when you find something you love, it can bring you all the peace in the world. I want to instill that love of adventure and travel in my kids.

Why I Blog

Now, I understand there are hundreds of great travel blogs out there, including family travel. It’s intimidating to start a blog and it’s hard not to compare to the many amazing travel blogs in the world. I haven’t traveled to “x amount of countries” or “gone backpacking” or live out of my car or whatever travel related trends going on yet here I am. Throwing aside those insecurities. For the most part I just LOVE editing my travel pictures and sharing it with you lovely readers who happen to still be on this page ILY. Thank you for sticking with me and read more of the kids and I journey’s in the posts to come!

if you need to send an email directly, reach me here TRINALAVIE[at]GMAIL.COM

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