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How I'm Able To Travel As A Single Parent W/ 2 Kids| Read For Tips So You Can Too!Katrina La Vie | | Wanderlust In The Afternoon

How I’m Able To Travel As A Single Mom

Once upon a time, I was devastated and resigned to the fact I couldn’t travel to all the dreamy places I’ve wanted to. At least not now. Becoming a mom, I didn’t see how it was possible to go off exploring. I’m here to tell you that the dream is possible!

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Katrina La Vie | | Wanderlust In The Afternoon

What’s New + Shop

Hello! Allow me to reintroduce myself ūüôā my names Katrina and I’m officially back from my long, somewhat unproductive blog hiatus. If you’re new then welcome to Katrina La Vie! And if we’ve met here before, I’ve missed you!

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The Wanderlist: Teotihuac√°n | How to get there, where to go and what to see. Read more... |

The Wanderlist: Teotihuac√°n

Only an hour away from the city are the pyramids of Teotihuac√°n. These are the tallest pyramids of Mesoamerica and the Pyramid of the Sun is half the size of the Great Pyramid. The best part of my visit – there were close to no tourists around!

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A Tourist In Intramuros: Tips When Visiting | Manila, Philippines |

A Tourist In Intramuros Pt. 3

Check out Part III of my “A Tourist In Intramuros” series. This post features quick tips when visiting Intramuros and pictures, some of which are already from the first two installments. I also created a map just for you to help when planning your own visit!

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Kauai from the Sky | Helicopter Tour |

Kauai From The Sky

Still wondering if you should book that helicopter tour over Kauai? My answer is a resounding YES! I mean, of course you should always listen to what your gut is telling you. The pictures and video I did capture hardly do it any justice (so gorgeous!!)

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