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How I Edit My Travel Photos On VSCO Cam | Katrina La Vie |

How I Edit My Travel Photos On VSCO

VSCOCam is my favorite photo editing app! And though I thought I would get tired of overusing it, I’m still in love with the filters four years later. There are so many ways to edit a photo that it’s hard to achieve that aesthetic consistency we all aim for on Instagram.

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A Day In Fairyland: Video & Photo Diary | Katrina La Vie |

A Day At Fairyland: Video & Photo Diary

My little chicas and I went to Fairyland earlier this week. We’ve been lucky with the wonderful weather in the Bay Area for my daughters spring break. Check out our fun video around Fairyland! Or read on and scroll through the pictures we took that beautiful day.

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What to do on a short, 3 day vacation in Kauai, Hawaii |

3 Days In Kauai

There’s so much you can do on Kauai! From zip-lining, ATV tours, helicopter tours, beaches and hiking, how in the world can you fit it all into 3 days? We had to find a balance between these exciting, adventurous activities and family time with our small kids. Read more for our 3 day itinerary.

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A Day At Children's Fairyland | Travel With Kids | Oakland, Ca / San Francisco, CA | Katrina La Vie |

Guide to Children’s Fairyland

Did you know, in a small little corner of West Oakland hides a cute, rustic theme park for kids? The first of its kind. This park actually inspired Walt Disney who opened Disneyland five years after this one. Introducing…Children’s Fairyland.

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First time traveling to Hong Kong? Read these 10 tips before you go! | Katrina La Vie |

10 Tips For Your First Hong Kong Trip

I spent 48 rainy hours in Hong Kong and wrote a pretty lengthy post about it. But lets get straight to the point with my 10 useful tips for your first trip to Hong Kong! It’s the one city I can’t wait to visit again, in less rainy weather.

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Sailing Around The San Francisco Bay | Tour Review | Katrina La Vie |

Adventure Cat Sailing Review

I’ve lived 30 minutes from San Francisco for the last 17 years and I have yet explore the touristy, “must do when in SF”, tours or activities. But something prompted me to book a boat cruise, sailing around they bay. Read more about my experience with Adventure Cat Sailing Charters.

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Room With A View: Parc 55 |

Room With A View: Parc 55

San Francisco is beautiful from above and there’s plenty of spots to view the skyline. This presidential suite at Parc 55 is one of them. Located right next Union Square in the center of it all, it comes at a price. Regular rooms start at $216.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Las Casas With Kids | Katrina La Vie - Mommy Travel Blogger |

10 Things To Do With Kids In Las Casas

Sure Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is fun for adults, more so those history loving adults. But what about the kids? There are more activities than just touring the heritage houses. Here are the top 10 things to do in Las Casas that kids will enjoy.

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Favorite Things To Do In San Diego With Kids | Katrina La Vie |

Favorite Things To Do With Kids In San Diego

San Diego has become our absolute favorite place to road trip too! I can’t stress enough how perfect this city is for small children. Here’s a list of our top things to do when vacationing in San Diego. But really, all you need is a perfect spot on a beach and you’re set 😉

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